Oversite's patent pending BestX program empowers clients with the industry’s only technology-driven analytics solution that obtains court case information directly from court dockets. With this data, BestX applies rules-based analytics with regard to foreclosure, bankruptcy, collections, and other civil litigation

Not only is BestX data used to audit a client’s existing data set, but BestX analytics also provides its clients with the power to perform:

  1. Milestone and Timeline Completion Projections
  2. Case Audit and Monitoring
  3. Servicer and Subservicer Comparisons and Scorecarding
  4. Law Firm Vendor Management, Comparisons and Scorecarding
  5. Non-Performing Asset Trading Due Diligence for Either Buyers or Sellers
  6. Servicing Transfer Management, Audit and Monitoring
  7. Post Foreclosure Sale Deed Monitoring and Retrieval
  8. HOA Lien Tracking and Management
  9. Compliance Audit and Monitoring: SCRA, Dual Tracking, Borrower Litigation Issues and Homeowner Bill of Rights
  10. Loss Mitigation Strategy Execution
  11. ROI Analytics - i.e. Best Execution Strategy on a Pool or Loan Level Basis

Oversite’s Patent Pending BestX Program combines leading edge technology, unique court system data and unparalleled reporting & analytics capabilities to deliver best in class solutions - proven to increase information and projection accuracy, reduce risk/loss, and bring objectivity to vendor performance evaluations, significantly improving portfolio execution.

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